Dance Union Showing May 5, 2013


On May 5th we shared a work-in-progress showing of The Floating City at Dance Union. Here are some photos by Ryan Bourque.  Performance by Diana Deaver, Kristina Isabelle and Jessie Young. Set Design by Grant Sabin.  Lights by Julie Ballard

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The Floating City (solo draft work) Preview and Review


I performed The Floating City (solo draft work) at the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival Oct. 5, 2012.  Here's a link to the show's preview in the Chicago Reader and the review in See Chicago Dance both written by Laura Molzahn. [gallery ids="1388,1387,1386,1385,1384,1381"]






Photos: Craig Bortmas



Longing Ahead, Looking Back Writing


  Longing ahead, looking back.

Shifting forward with a blast from the past


The past comes in and defines us

Either with a reaction or an interpretation

A memory of how to behave


I don’t want to be defined by looking back

It is now

It is in front of me


To shape these thorny thoughts into a form

A structure of sense


Too many images

Too many moments


What is this transition?


This changing landscape

The evolution of place


Maybe I need to go into the past to spring ahead

I am ahead

I am here


Longing Ahead, Looking Back


This writing / poem inspired the work Longing Ahead, Looking Back. A piece made in response to the Bicentennial celebration of Columbus.  With support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Premiered Dec. 12-13, 2012 at The McConnell Arts Center.

Three Minute Portions

Da D-Arp1

Three Minute Portions This is from a 2005 interview for a performance entitled Three Minute Portions.  We performed an excerpt from Da D-Arp.  Click the link above to see the video.


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Da D-Arp

Choreography:  Kristina Isabelle

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Jessica Gore, Kristina Isabelle, Zoe Rabinowitz

Performed at Sullivant Hall

Photos: Brian Hockensmith

Ryan Bourque Visits rehearsal


Ryan Bourque came and to our rehearsal and took some fabulous photographs that I'd like to share. Dancers:  Diana Deaver, Kristina Isabelle, Kalin Morrow, Angela Patmon, Jessie Young

Photographed at Outerspace

To see more of Ryan's work check out his blog:  www.

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We are working on The Floating City and this was the first rehearsal when everyone was there in a while.  It felt great to watch talented artists embodying not only my phrase work but actually making it better by adding in their own personal stories.

Themes we explored:

Pulleys - (more about that in another post)

Slowing down the brain / reflection

Drama/ storyness in the body

Place in the body - a landscape we can see or feel

Textured body

A body going through something - a story passing through the body

Unveil and Reveal

Floating on a boat / waves hitting at different directions


Blooms & Butterflies at Franklin Park Conservatory


Saturday March 9, 2013 we performed two shows in the Palm House of the Franklin Park Conservatory for the opening of the Blooms & Butterflies.  The theme was Brazilian Carnival so we put on a fabulous family friendly production that included dance, stilts, hoops and trapeze.  By the end of the show everyone was up dancing with us.  

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Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Eric Falck, Lindsay Nova Calvert, Cate Owens, Jessica Minshall and Noah Rogers.


TO SEE VIDEO EXCERPTS click link below:

Excerpts of Blooms & Butterfly show


Philip Roth Quote

This Phillip Roth quote is still resonating with me as I prepare the Draft solo Work version of this piece.

"The world is full of people who go around believing that they’ve got you or your neighbor figured out. There really is no bottom to what is not known. The truth about us is endless".