Ryan Bourque Visits rehearsal


Ryan Bourque came and to our rehearsal and took some fabulous photographs that I'd like to share. Dancers:  Diana Deaver, Kristina Isabelle, Kalin Morrow, Angela Patmon, Jessie Young

Photographed at Outerspace

To see more of Ryan's work check out his blog:  www. kungfubicycle.wordpress.com

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We are working on The Floating City and this was the first rehearsal when everyone was there in a while.  It felt great to watch talented artists embodying not only my phrase work but actually making it better by adding in their own personal stories.

Themes we explored:

Pulleys - (more about that in another post)

Slowing down the brain / reflection

Drama/ storyness in the body

Place in the body - a landscape we can see or feel

Textured body

A body going through something - a story passing through the body

Unveil and Reveal

Floating on a boat / waves hitting at different directions