Longing Ahead, Looking Back Writing


  Longing ahead, looking back.

Shifting forward with a blast from the past


The past comes in and defines us

Either with a reaction or an interpretation

A memory of how to behave


I don’t want to be defined by looking back

It is now

It is in front of me


To shape these thorny thoughts into a form

A structure of sense


Too many images

Too many moments


What is this transition?


This changing landscape

The evolution of place


Maybe I need to go into the past to spring ahead

I am ahead

I am here


Longing Ahead, Looking Back


This writing / poem inspired the work Longing Ahead, Looking Back. A piece made in response to the Bicentennial celebration of Columbus.  With support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Premiered Dec. 12-13, 2012 at The McConnell Arts Center.