Philip Roth Quote

This Phillip Roth quote is still resonating with me as I prepare the Draft solo Work version of this piece.

"The world is full of people who go around believing that they’ve got you or your neighbor figured out. There really is no bottom to what is not known. The truth about us is endless".


The poem that started it all


cropped-950x400homepage6.jpg The poem that started it all 8/8/11

The Floating City

Even as I sit in this chair, the city rocks. I am on the boat again or did I ever leave?

Shifting and settling underneath me It tugs my heart and mind back to this place…

The floating city There is no escape. I am no longer trying to get away I am here When I am here, I am not sure what is real and what is a figment of this floating world.

Un –realized / realized dreams Open dialogues of days gone by The in-between The middle The muck

I sit and wait I actually try to move but I don’t But I see The floating city is constantly moving

Collage of Images


I created this when I was recovering from my first breast cancer surgery in July and it seems to hit me in a lot of ways. I will just post it and you tell me what you see or feel. All of the images are from Art In America magazines from 2010.

I feel strong connections with this piece and The Floating City.


Legends & Legacies Concert


KI_memoryremix-125 Press:

Kristina Isabelle Dance Company presents

Legends & Legacies: Columbus Dances Book Release and Maggie Patton Tribute Performance

Wednesday, May 2, at 7:30 p.m Columbus Performing Arts Center – Shedd Theater 549 Franklin Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

General Admission $15 and $10 students at the door

Presenting the publication: Columbus Moves, A Brief History of Contemporary Dance

Featuring a performance by: Karen Bell, Vickie Blaine, Susan Hadley, David Jon Krohn, Susan Van Pelt Petry, Jenai Cutcher, Señor Juan and Yolanda

Special tribute to Maggie Patton with solo a she created now recreated by Kristina Isabelle and a solo by book author Jenai Cutcher West

For more information: 614-224-0003

Photo Gallery:

The Purple State - Links Hall Nov. 4-6, 2011

NOV 4-6, 2011


curated by 2012 Links Hall Artistic Associate Erin Carlisle Norton of The Moving Architects

Featuring choreography by: Kristina Isabelle, Meghan Durham-Wall, and Erin Carlisle Norton

Performers throughout the evening include: Laurie Atkins, Annie Arnoult Beserra, Meghan Durham-Wall, and Ashley Thorndike-Youssef / Kristina Isabelle / The Moving Architects: Alyssa Gregory, Amanda Gross, Angela Luem, and Laura Vinci de Vanegas

Links Hall 3435 N. Sheffield Chicago / IL Friday, 8pm, with opening night reception Saturday, 8pm, with post show discussion Sunday, 7pm $15 or $12 online/$10 students and seniors more info and tickets:

THE PURPLE STATE: featuring 3 distinct female choreographers with deep connections to Ohio. From a state steeped in political drama and cities steadily rising out of cornfields, there maintains a drive into the theoretical, performative, and choreographic work of Kristina Isabelle, Meghan Durham-Wall, and Erin Carlisle Norton. Pulling in themes surrounding the complexity of interacting, the violet found in Kandinsky artwork, and magical realism, their work keeps dance charged and relevant in Middle America.