Exposed Solo Process: Writing The Dance - Day 1

Exposed Solo Practice: Writing The Dance is a glimpse into my studio process. My goal is to develop a clear body story by writing the work as a continuous journey, a novel of movement to be felt and witnessed weekly. 

I will utilize improvisation, space and theatrical explorations, outside input, plus conversations and/or dances with guests to challenge my creative process and expand the discoveries into variety of performative iterations.

- I am interested in surrounding myself with multiple inputs of inspiration
- Witness myself from within as well as being witnessed as a mover
- Dance as an articulate exploration and find the storytelling potential of this body in motion
- Explore what evolves and comes out of my body in response to my current research themes revolving around spirit, spirituality, body politics, race, Audre Lorde, exposure, folk religion

Day 1- March 2017

First Dance - the warm up and finding where I am today. Gave my self a 5 minute stream of consciousness dance.