Exposed Solo Creative Process - Day 1 Improv #2 Audre

In March of 2017, I began a new research process entitled: Exposed Solo Practice; Writing The Dance.  It was an attempt to explore language and how it effects my choices as a mover.  I was exploring the act of layering as much input into my improvisation to open up the possibilities of finding where I am today.  How does this influence and enhance my understanding of myself, how is it coming across and what do others see.  

I was also very interested in Audre Lorde and her work as a black feminist poet and activist.  I hear her truth and I wanted to be in my truth.  At this time I was trying to also understand what happened with the election of Trump and where we are now or where I am now in understanding race.  

This is the first dance movement exploration using Lorde's Hierarchy of Oppression as well as her poem the Movement Song as my base layers.  Then bringing myself and my body to reflect, respond or find how I felt from hearing her, the surroundings and being open to anything. 
What I find interesting in this improvisation is the act of listening that is going on while moving.  I can recall or remember aspects of where I was that day.  The improv before and after. This was my second of 4 improvs that day.  

I had a desire to continue to my exploration with this text and how it would make others feel or respond.  which did led me to try an experiment that didn't go so well or actually wasn't meant to be seen yet as it was an idea not a full investigation and when one is dealing within the racial confines must be fully realized or explored.  Or processed with people that want to help you understand or push an idea or discover together what this all means.   To be discussed later...

So I tabled this research but I am now willing to share it and show what else we discovered on this journey of discovery, of finding your truth in the solo form. I have some more videos of this exploration that I will share on a later date..