Memories ReMixed - Dec. 12-13, 2012

_MG_8824Purple Project


Memories ReMixed: Moving Through Time with a Nod to the Bicentennial is an evening of dance works created in responses to the memory of time and place inspired by the Bicentennial of Columbus.

Kristina Isabelle Dance Company will premiere Longing Ahead Looking Back. The work will feature video taken throughout the city.  Conceived and directed by Isabelle, filmed by Craig Bortmas and Jason Brabbs, edited by JR Gualtieri, music performed live by Michael Wall and collaboratively created by company members Jeff Fouch, Eric Falck, Gabby Stefura, Isabelle and special guest artist John Giffin.

Another Columbus premiere will be The Floating City, a solo by Isabelle that explores the state of unknown, a world in between the real and now where physicality dives into magic realism.  Isabelle collaborated with video artist JR Gualtieri to create an ever-shifting environment in flux.   This is the first draft of a larger project that will be presented in Columbus and Chicago in the fall of 2013.

Also on the program and the first to feature our new dual city performers two from Chicago Diana Deaver and Marc Macaranas with Columbus company member Maggie Page will be Through the Blinds, a trio to Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet #3 in E-Flat, an intimate look into the obsessive inner worlds of the desire to connect with others.

Special guests Karen Bell and Vera Blaine return to their duet collaboration after a 5-year hiatus. Aging, shoes, and finding just the right exercise is reflected in this most recent work, BOOT CAMP (“Heel Talk” revisited).