Environmental Tones

Photo by Craig Bortmas

Photo by Craig Bortmas

Environmental Tones is a contemporary dance theatre piece that explores the unconscious social disconnection from nature, focusing primarily on the impact of the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. However, awareness of natural disasters and the impact they have had on individuals and the environment have been more prominent in the world recently. Some people are satisfied with sound bytes and angled media reporting, while others require a deeper reflection of understand the effects such events have on them cognitively and emotionally, even when they may have no direct connection to the communities and people most deeply affected by the tragic results of such disasters.

Photo by Craig Bortmas

Photo by Craig Bortmas

A Note From Kristina

I have been extremely fortunate to work with such brilliant collaborators who joined forces with me to create such a strong visual and moving journey.  Craig Bortmas’ evocative images aligned with my ideas of nature in the micro and macro sense of landscape.  Matt Slaybaugh layered the work with poignant text.  Carrie Cox transformed the potential of the space with light.  Eoin O’Brien added surreal elements through innovative set and aerial designs.  Shawn Hove went above and beyond to help us realize our technical vision.  Finally, I cannot thank the dancers enough. My ultimate collaborators, who dedicated their time and energy to help shape and inspire what you will experience today.


Environmental Tones

Columbus Dance Theater • June 20-22, 2008

Director / Choreographer:  Kristina Isabelle

Visual / Graphic Design:  Craig Bortmas

Sound Designer:  Michael Wall

Gowns:  Horst Couture

Dramaturge:  Matt Slaybaugh

Aerial & Set Design:  Eoin O'Brien


Lighting Designer / Stage Manager:  Carrie Cox

Video Production Director:  Shawn Hove

Sound Operator:  Yolanda Royster

Additional Music:  John Adams and Loscil

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Jessica McKelvey, Ricky Morant, Maggie Page, Zoe Rabinowitz, and Gabby Stefura

Created with project support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council