Art in Motion was a three-part small space performance series in response to art on the walls performed by three dancers and a live musician.950x350-artinmotion

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Private home and art collection - Ben Maiden and Karen Bell

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Maggie Page

Musician:  Christian Howes

Art in Motion / The House from Kristina Isabelle on Vimeo.

Art In Motion

A installation piece at Ben Maiden and Karen Bell's house responding to the art on the walls.

Direction: Kristina Isabelle Performers: Maggie Page Abrams, Gendala Kelli Anna, Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle Music: Christian Howes Video: Sue B Gahn

This was part of a three part gallery series that led into the development of the final stage production Portraits in Motion.


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Rebecca Ibel Gallery

Artist:  Linda Gall

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Maggie Page

Musician:  Will Trachsel


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[/wpcol_3fifth] [wpcol_2fifth_end id="" class="" style=""]King Arts Complex Gallery – group show- Kindred Spirits

Performers:  Eric Falck, Kristina Isabelle, Gabby Stefura

Musicians:  Steve Kortyka and Ryan Jewell[/wpcol_2fifth_end]

Thank you to everyone who attending our special gallery series and to our partners in making this series happen.

Ohio Arts Council, Suzanne Roberts, Ben Maiden, Karen Bell, Rebecca Ibel and Sheryle Powell.