War and Peace

A Dance for Camera in Collaboration with JR Gualtieri

A collaborative work intended to demonstrate a type of four dimensional perception. The movement of bodies is stacked in time to allow past, present and future moments to exist simultaneously, creating novel shapes which are present in all movement, but lay outside of our ability to observe. Also - a love story. Inspired in part by Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Pas de Deux by Norman McClaren and The Unreality of Time by J.M.E. McTaggart.

Special thanks to Jane Parott and The Ohio State University Department of Theatre

Unadhaesit in Tempus

Dance for Camera • 2011

Cinematographer/Editor:  JR Gualtieri

Choreographer:  Kristina Isabelle



Performers:  Eric Falck, Kristina Isabelle, Gabby Stefura

Music:  Anthony Vine