Portraits in Motion

A note from Kristina from the evening of the performance

Portraits in Motion grew out of a three part gallery performance series. Using improvisation and live music we responded to the visual art on the walls of a private collection at Ben Maiden and Karen Bell's home, Linda Gall's exhibit at The Rebecca Ibel Gallergy / Miranova, and Kindred Spirits: a group show at The Elijah Pierce Gallery at the King Arts Complex.

Through this experience, we developed a process of looking at art and translating it into our bodies. We began to create movement relationships, which allowed us to then flip the dance around until we became the art. We are the canvas and the world we are creating this evening is our portrait as characters acting and interacting with each other

Portraits in Motion

McConnell Arts Center • Nov. 18-19, 2010

Director/Choreographer:  Kristina Isabelle

Performers:  Eric Falck, Jeffrey Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Maggie Page, Gabby Stefura

Composer:  Michael Wall with additional song by Mazzy Star

Lighting:  Carrie Cox

Set/Costumes:  Kristina Isabelle

Art in Motion • The Gallery Series

Private home and art collection - Ben Maiden and Karen Bell

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Karen Bell

Musician:  Christian Howes

Rebecca Ibel Gallery - Linda Gall

Performers:  Jeff Fouch, Kristina Isabelle, Maggie Page

Musician:  Will Trachsel

King Arts Complex Gallery - Group Showing

Performers: Eric Falck, Kristina Isabelle, Gabby Stefura

Musician: Steve Kortyka and Cedric Easton