Land Mass: South Shore


Land Mass: South Shore


Land Mass: South Shore a site-specific walking dance performance highlighting the land and environment of the South Shore Nature Sanctuary with movement, light and sound.  

The Land Mass series is a movement to bring people back to the land, back to the self and back to a more contemplative space to witness dance, video, music and its inherent power in a setting that allows one to have their own experience, to bring one closer to this earth through the spiritual act of dancing in the woods, together. 


Premiered October 19, 2017 - South Shore Nature Sanctuary

Concept / Direction:  Kristina Isabelle

Featured Movers:  Aaliyah Christina, Liz Conway, Kellyn Jackson, Angela Luem, Zach Nicol, Andy Slavin    

Musicians: Consuelo Lepauw - violin, Debra Sawyer - harp, drums

Guest Artists:  Meg Anderson, MaryAnn McGovern, Jasmine Mendoza, Megan Schneeberger, Hubbard Street Professional Program - Haley Heckethorn, Melissa Panetta, Abby Purcell, Abdiel Santiago, Emily Wohl, plus students from the Chicago Contemporary Dance Theater


Thank you!  Elevate Chicago Dance, Chicago DanceMakers Forum, New England Foundation for the Arts- Regional Dance Development Initiative, High Concept Labs,  Hubbard Street Pre-Pro Program- Alexandria Wells, Chicago Contemporary Dance Theater, South Shore Cultural Center / Nature Sanctuary, Peter Taub and all of the artists.