Art In Nature Series

Tryon Farm Institute / Kristina Isabelle Dance

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Art in Nature enriches the natural environment with movement, light and sound through a series of performances, films, concerts and art events that build intimate connections between people and nature in and around Tryon Farm in Michigan City. 

The Tryon Farm Institute is collaborating with Kristina Isabelle Dance to present the Art In Nature series. This partnership allows artists a unique ecological environment in which to develop their work as well as to introduce the public to new artistic experiences based in nature. 

A series of 5 interactive performances and art experiences at Tryon Farm once a month on the full moons starting July 20th, August 17th , September 13 & 14 and October 12th.

July 20th     Interactive Dance Film 8:00 pm

Michigan City Moves presents Sand: A Migrating Performance in 4 Parts 

Sand: Part 4 is a live interactive dance film projected on the Tryon Farm barn.  This performance will also include the South Shore Dance Alliance.  MCM Sand project took place over four months exploring the connection of land and architecture from the Riverwalk in Portage to the Lubeznik Art Center and culminating in a dance film projected onto the barn at Tryon Farm.  Dance Film by Elise Kermani featuring Kristina Isabelle Dance artists.

August 17th   Bonfire Concerts   7:30 pm

Bonfire Concert featuring Tryon resident Mark Grobner with his hammer dulcimer.  He  will share his music along with national touring artist Ryan Packard whose compositions for strings, drums and electronics will open our ears and minds with sonic beauty. The audience will not only enjoy the music they will be interacting around a bonfire and smores. 

September 13th   Mr Canoe - Documentary Film 7:30 pm

We will present Mr Canoe about the life of Ralph Frese, master canoe builder, historian and expedition paddler and his 1976 expedition recreating Lasalle's trip from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and their snow storm portage through NW Indiana. Director James Forni will be onsite to share his story and the making of this film.  

September 14th    Drawing You Outside            3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Christine Forni will create a mobile outdoor drawing room for participants to explore nature and the landscape though the pen.  All ages and experience are welcome we will end in a salon garden party featuring the art of participants and other local visual artists including Tryon Farm resident Kimberly Beck.  Drawing You Outside will bring international visual artist Forni back to Tryon.  She participated in last years Hunters Moon and was inspired to continue to create at Tryon. 

Artist Salon Garden Party begins at 5:00pm 

October 20th  Hunters Moon Dance Happening  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The third annual Hunters Moon Dance Happening featuring a diverse group of artists including Erin Kilmurray Dance, Jenn Freeman, Precious Jennings and Amelia Charter movement artists, opera singer Julian Otis, composer Angel Bat Dawid and cellist Wilson Tanner Smith. These artists were selected to be participate in the first residency program at Tryon Farm and will be on-site collaboratively creating the work from Oct. 7-12.  Curated and directed by Kristina Isabelle

FEATURING:  Amelia Charter, Angel Bat Dawid, Jenn Freeman, Precious Jennings, Julian Otis, Wilson Tanner Smith    

After Performance Bonfire Dance Party 

Suggested donation: $20 adults / $10 kids 

***If you need an ADA accommodation, please call this number 614-638-6186