Eric Falck (dancer) began his dancing career in 2006 when he came to study at The Ohio State University (OSU).  While pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Eric took numerous elective technique classes in Modern and Ballet. Through these courses Eric came into contact with the larger dance community in Columbus and subsequently joined the Backspace Dance Company in 2007.  His two year extravaganza with the Backspace opened his eyes to new qualities and dimensions of performance and he was able to utilize and expand his already eclectic repertoire of techniques. His unique styling was showcased in more than twenty performances with the Backspace.  After the company relocated to New York City in 2009, Eric sought out other choreographers and dance companies, most notably Coco Loupe, The Kristina Isabelle Dance Company, Maggie Abrams and Noelle Chun.  Additionally he collaborated with multiple graduate students in the OSU Dance Graduate Program including: Michael Morris, Maree Remalia, Erik Abbott-Main, and Courtney Harris.  Working with diverse choreographers, both in style and vision, afforded Eric a solid foundation in improvisation and understanding of various dance environments. Currently Investigating: Improvisation with a focus on the qualities of the natural elements and nonhuman animal anatomy.